Hoppin’ on the Blogging Bandwagon

Well. Here we are, it was fairly inevitable, but I appear to have hopped onto the blogging bandwagon. This is probably going to start out very rambley because I’m a bit out of practice with this writing lark, but if you’re interested in what I’ve been up to, or what life as a twenty-something year old freelance illustrator is like, (probably not very exciting), then this is the blog for you.

This blog is a little bit to celebrate the fact that I have finished uni and now I am well and truly an adult (ha, what a joke!), but also a lot because I like the sound of my own voice(/keyboard). This week actually seemed like a pretty good time to start writing because I have just moved out of my student house and into another equally questionably home. I can’t believe I have spent an entire three years carefully curating a perfect collection of houseplants for my little uni bedroom, and now I’ve had to up and move all 20 to a new home. Not to mention all the outdoor plants, and Rhianna’s equally extensive plant family.

Regardless, it’s been a pretty big change because I’ve moved in with my boyfriend (gross!) and while some of you might think that’s all cute and fun, I have only just realised how many socks he owns, and with this realisation has come the horrifying truth that he will probably leave Every. Single. One. Of. Them on the floor before he notices the mess he has made or decides to do his washing. I am also living with Rhianna; my University-Best-Pal and her boyfriend so thankfully someone else will be there to defuse any arguments about where dirty laundry belongs.


So what exactly is this blog going to be about? Probably quite a lot of things but I’m not organised enough to have thought too much about it. I’m an illustrator, a self confessed plant fanatic, I love dogs and I drink a lot of coffee, so those things will probably feature here quite a lot. I mostly want to talk about “Art Things”, because I run a very tiny Etsy Shop, and I like painting pictures. I love seeing other artists process work and behind the scenes, so it would be cool to share my own too. I also I recently decided to start eating more plants and less dairy (I’m basically Vegan), and while I’m succeeding at the no-dairy bit, I think I’ve just replaced it with carbs rather than plants. Nevertheless, I guess chatting about changing up what I eat, and trying to live a more sustainable life might also be interesting. Probably. I mean it interests me and that’s all that matters right?

I’m really excited to share a bit more about what I get up to, rather than only having the short snippets oversharing I already do on instagram, though realistically I’m probably writing to an audience of three (Rhianna, Henry, and probably my mum.) I hope we can all hang out again soon but in the mean time come find me on my Instagram or Twitter, (or both if you’re feeling generous.)

Lots of Love

        new houseThe View

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